Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ode to the things I love.. Part 3

Mommy & I get to spend all day together. I have so much fun! She takes good care of me. She feeds me & changes my dipper. She is the one who gives me a bath & lets me spend extra time playing in the water. She even lets me help her with doing things around the house. Laundry is the most fun. I get to ride in the laundry basket & then help her fold the clothes. I am a big helper! Mommy & I go on lots of walks when the weather is nice & we even go to run errands where I ride in the cart like a big boy. I don't enjoy the car seat but mommy always makes it better by turning on music & we sing together, or she will hold my hand. When I get fussy, mommy will pick me up & cuddle me while she walks me into my room. she will tuck me in & kiss me good night. When I am really fussy, mommy will rock me for a bit & sing me my favorite song "you are my sunshine". I like my time with Mommy! I always have lots of smiles & giggles for her!!


Melanie said...

So sweet! :) He is absolutely adorable!

livin life Lindz said...

like a great friend, you are a great mommy!