Friday, December 5, 2008

Alot to catch up on

So it has been a crazy couple weeks & I am finally getting a chance to post a new blog. So instead of posting several blogs, I will just post one large one. :)

My 1st picture is dedicated to the joy of reading! He loves to read his books. If I will keep giving him new books he will sit there forever just reading. He is working on turning the pages. If I start to turn the page he will grab it & finish turning it. He is such a big boy!! So here is Taren sitting up by himself reading "Brown Bear, Brown Bear". One of our favorites.

My 2nd photo is dedicated to Taren's 1st Thanksgiving! A wonderful holiday that is not only about getting together with family and remembering what we are thankful for, but it is about how much food you can eat!! Oh and is it ever great food! Taren's shirt fit the occasion too, he proudly wore a shirt that declared his intentions... Gobble till you Wobble. Father like son is all I can say. :). This year Joseph & I are thankful for so many things! Of course 1st and for most we are thankful for the amazing boy that we have! He is such a blessing in our lives! So full of life & energy. We are thankful for each other & that God has blessed us with a great marriage. And most of all we are thankful for all of you! You have been with us every step of the way this last year. Through all of the surgeries, hospital stays, tears & joy. We want to say thank you so much for your support & friendship! We could not have made it to were we are today with out all of you supporting us along the way!

My 3rd photo is dedicated to another of Taren's 1st. His very 1st Carousel ride! The Saturday after Thanksgiving we all went down to ride the Carousel with the kids. I wasn't sure how much Taren would actually enjoy the ride, or if he would even care. But as it turned out he loved it!! He loved watching the lights all over & watching the horses go up and down. His very 1st ride he went with Daddy & sat in a little wagon so Joseph could hold him on his lap. Then his next ride he got to go with Gram (my mom) and this time he was able to ride a big horse! He loved it!! We will defiantly have to take him back in a couple more months when he will enjoy it even more!

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livin life Lindz said...

I am very thankful for you guys! your love, faithfulness and godly example blow me away