Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ode to the things I love... Part 1

For those of you who have had the joy of watching me playing with my toys, or anything for that matter knows how cute I am with them! I get the biggest mouth & just attack them. That is the best way to play!! I get so excited about them! Daddy & Mommy love to watch me play. I love lots of floor time where I am free to roll around & kick my legs. I am working even harder to crawl. I now holds my chest off the ground as I work hard to get my legs underneath me. My other Favorite toy is my jumper, I love the music & lights on it. I will jump as hard as I can & squeal away. The harder I jump the funner it is.

1 comment:

Svetlana said...

He is getting soo big.
What he thinks of snow?