Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Taren is officially crawling! He has spent several months army crawling & rolling his way around. We had given up hope that he would crawl & assumed he would go straight to walking. But surprise this week within a couple days time he was up on all 4s crawling around. He now is all over the house. His favorite things to get into is the dog bed & dog dish. Our lives are much busier now following him around. Here is a short video of him crawling for you. :)


The Turkington Family said...

So cute! How fun to watch him achieve such a milestone in his life. And remember...technically he is only 7 months old right now...which is usually the time babies start crawling, so he is right on track! Rachel didn't crawl until 8 months and Jaxon didn't do it until 10 months! And they weren't preemie like Taren! Congrats though to you guys! You will now have a super busy life...forever!

Svetlana said...

That is great!!! I saw him last sunday at the church with your mom ;-)