Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picture time

I took Taren on Friday to go get his picture taken. In the past we have got cute pictures, however, this time he has really become smiley & happy that we were able to get some GREAT pictures. I am so excited about them!! My little boy is growing up! He weighs 10lbs 8ounces today! He loves to be on the go, he wants to be standing up & looking at everything! He is getting harder & harder to feed because he gets distracted and wants to look at everything. Which is very cute but can be very frustrating. He is so close to sitting up. I am amazed daily how strong he is getting & how fun it is to watch his personality develop. I love being a mom!

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The Turkington Family said...

God sure knew what He was doing when He made YOU Taren's Mom :-) What a blessing for him you have all ready been and will continue to be as he grows up.
(Adorable Pics too!)