Wednesday, November 26, 2008

1st Football Game!

This Sunday Taren was able to attend his 1st football game. His 11 year old cousin Gus had a big game in Eugene. Since they live down in Roseburg we are not able to go watch Gus play weekly, so when we heard he was having a game in Eugene we were excited to get a chance to go watch. As we headed down to the game we found out that his game was not just in Eugene it was at the Autzen Stadium, which is the Ducks home stadium!! All of the boys were so excited to get to play in the Ducks stadium. It was FREEZING cold out there but it was a blast to watch!! Taren enjoyed he few minutes he watched before going to sleep. He loved all the movement on the field. In the end Gus' team ended up losing, but the experience was still awesome!! How many 11 year old guys can say they have played at the Ducks stadium!!!

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