Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A busy life!

I am so sorry that it has been 3 months since I have written blog! I can not believe time is going by so fast. A lot has happened in 3 months. I guess I will write a "catch everyone up" blog. :)

In October Taren dressed up as the cutest NASCAR driver to go out trick or treating. He wore his pit crew out fit (even kept the hat on!) and road his NASCAR push car. I was so impressed how into it he got. He was very serious! He road that car up & down the hills in West Salem for 2 hours before I finally made him let me carry him!! He would even ride it up the steps of the porch right to their front door to pick out his candy. He gave us all a few minor heart attacks when he would start going down a steep drive way & pick up his feet so he just flew down. Luckily, he always stopped before hitting any garage doors. :)

Heading to the next stop. Up hill isn't slowing him down!

We also went with Taren's cousins to the pumpkin patch where we had fun looking at the animals, riding in the wheelbarrow, hunting for the perfect pumpkin, and burning energy by running the length of the open field.

In November, we had a wonderful thanksgiving with our family. This year we hosted at our house, which ended up being complete talent getting a total of 19 people in our tiny house! Even, though it was cramped, we had a great time. Joseph & Chad BBQ ed an AMAZING turkey for us!

Our family picture Thanksgiving day

The weekend after Thanksgiving we went on our annual Christmas Tree hunt with our good friends Derek & Beth. It was quiet the adventure this year! We spent a lot time digging the Suburban out of the snow & trying our best to get to our spot up in Detroit. When we FINALLY got there, Joseph & Derek took off to find us the perfect trees. They ended up hiking straight up the mountain in almost waist deep snow to bring us back 2 awesome trees! Beth & I stayed back by the vehicle with the kids & set up a small fire & camp. The kids played in the blizzard of snow that was coming down & made a perfect snow man. Taren however, screamed the WHOLE time. He did not like touching the snow, sitting in it, standing in it, or it falling on him. He did not stop fussing until I set him back into the car seat to leave.

December brought the crazy month of birthdays & a good friends wedding,

Elijah & Kira's birthday parties with trains & a carousel,

my bowling party with my girl friends,

and of course Christmas, that Taren loved this year. He had a blast opening presents. His favorite being his new scooter that he is still riding constantly! He would say "Oh my goodness!!" with every present he opened! He was so excited about everything!

His popcorn, new scooter & rolling tool box!

Exhausted after a full day of Christmas!

Playing with his new toy with Aunt Phyllis

Unwrapping presents!

Taren & his cousins in matching pajamas that I made :)

It has been a busy yet fun 3 months and I am looking forward to what this new year might bring! We hope you all have had a wonderful holiday & will have a great start to the new year!!

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