Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can't Slow Me Down!!

Last Sunday we were over at my sister's house for my niece's dedication party & Taren was outside playing with the kids. No one really saw what happened but Uncle Chad brought him in crying. Taren is usually a very tough boy, he may cry for a minute (more for the sympathy he will get then out of pain) but this time he was really freaking out. It took us several minutes to calm him down, once we did we stood him up to go let him play (which is the usual, before even stopping crying he is ready to go again). However, this time he quickly buckled to the ground & started crying again. After a couple more times of trying he was finally able to stand up & "walk" with a very defined limp. After looking his leg & foot over, we finally decided the pain was coming from his ankle. Since he was still walking around and playing we figured he must have just sprained it.

The next morning I called his Dr.s office & scheduled an appointment to come in to get it looked at. The Dr. took a long time looking at his ankle, leg, hip. Feeling it & moving it around. She finally decided that since he was able to walk better now that she wanted to wait & see how he does in a few days. If he got better then we would just assume he twisted his ankle, but if he was still in pain a week later that we would get him an x-ray to figure out what else was going on. (it does not cause more damage to wait at his age).
(wrapped in a tiny ace bandage after 1st Dr. Apt)

During the week Taren would go a couple days walking fine, running around & acting normal, but then he would trip and start limping all over again. It was like his ankle was weak causing him to be abnormally clumsy. So Monday I called in to his Dr.s office and they scheduled him to have an x-ray the next morning. Taren did great through the x-ray. Hardly moved at all & let me hold his foot in whatever position needed. Later that afternoon we went back into the Dr.s office to get the x-ray results. His Dr explained that the x-ray showed that there was no breaks in the bones, however, since he was still having problems and when he would fall he would limp for longer periods of times she called the orthopedic specialist up in OHSU. The specialist explained that there could be a fracture that a normal x-ray might not pick up. So instead of wasting money & time for everyone to get a more detailed x-ray, the Dr.s all decided the best thing would be to cast it. A 2 year old is not going to know or be able to sit & be careful to let a ankle heal, the best way to make sure it heals quickly & properly would be to cast it. So Thursday morning we went in and had his ankle & lower leg set in a cast. He is now sporting a cool red cast!(here's my cool Cast!!)

(on the way home from the Dr.s with the cast on!)

(can't slow me down! riding the scooter with the cast!)

So far it has not slowed him down at all! Right after his Dr. appointment we went over to my sister's house & he was right away running around & riding the scooter. He has been playing as normal ever since. Just hoping the next 2 or 3 weeks go as easily as the last day!
(exhausted after a long day & week!)

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