Thursday, April 15, 2010

2 years old!

(I wrote this on his birthday & thought I posted it, but I guess I just saved it as a draft )

Taren Hunter,
I can't believe how fast time has gone by! You are 2 years old! You are not a baby anymore. You are my big boy! I have loved every minute these last 2 years watching you develop & grow into the toddler you are! It is hard for me to remember how small you really where when our journey began. I look back at all the pictures of you in the hospital & your tiny little hands & feet & I am so proud of my boy who you have become. You started out at just 2lbs 2 ounces and now are 19lbs. Every ounce has been celebrated and every new development you have achieved we are so proud of! I am so amazed at what a awesome boy you have turned into! People say they feel the presence of God on you and it is true! You radiate the very presence of God in who you are.

Who are you? You have more personality then I can ever put into words & describe! You never fail to make me smile even on the worst days! You are sweet, goofy, funny, spunky, a total cheese ball & so incredibly smart!
You love music! You are not even out of your bed in the morning before you start asking for "Joy Joy" (music). You love having it play at all times! You love to dance to the music & will randomly bust out dancing even if it just music on a commercial that you like. You love it when I sing to you & will sing along with me. I love listening to you sing in the car. Makes my heart so full watching you enjoy the simple things in life!
You love cars! You often come running into the room with a car in both hands yelling "CAR CAR", just so excited to be playing with cars. You can't have enough cars. You love to pick one out whenever we go to the store & carefully choose the perfect car or truck!
Your new thing is playing Doctor. You got your very own Dr. kit for your birthday and you spend hours playing with each item. Wanting me to do your blood pressure, or look in your ears or listen to your heart. You are fascinated with everything in the Dr.s office when we go for an appointment. Everyone says you will become a Dr. when you get older.
You love love love to be outside! You do not like being stuck at home all day. Even when you are sick you ask to go "bye bye". You are always bringing me my shoes & yours and wanting them on so we can go out. You spend alot of time looking out the window watching outside & get so excited when someone pulls up to the house! You love company! You will squeal & run around in circles when someone comes over, so excited to have someone to play with.
You are a very talkative little boy! Always having something to say! Your vocabulary is growing daily. I am so impressed with how much you talk! You copy almost everything I say & are so proud of yourself when you get it right! You often walk around saying your favorite word, or newest word. This week your favorite word to say is "seriously".
You have always had a love for reading books & it hasn't changed. You are even interested in mom & dad's books even though we tell you there are no pictures. You would spend all day sitting on our laps reading books! You love animal books, you love to point out each animal and try to say their name & what sound they make.
you love being involved with everything. When you are the center of attention, you love it the most! you love "helping" mom do everything & do not like to be left behind! You love giving mom kisses & spending special tickle cuddle time together.
Daddy is your hero! You ask for him when you wake up & want him to tuck you into bed nightly. you want to do everything that daddy does. If Daddy is working on something you are right next to him with your own tool trying to help. If daddy is playing WII you are right next to him with your own remote trying to play too.
You LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your Binky. There isn't much else that you absolutely must have, but when it comes to your Binky, you love it! You like to sleep with 2 Binky's (or more if we let you) at night. You need one for each hand. You will have one in your mouth and tap the other one on your nose or forehead as you fall asleep, rotating which Binky is in your mouth & hand every few minutes.
You love giving kisses! You will go to anyone (yes even strangers) and try to give kisses. You even try to give mommy a kiss when she tells you not to do something.
Taren you are my little man! I am so proud of you! I could not ask for a more perfect kid! You are my fighter, my entertainer, my miracle, my pride & joy, you are my thunder achiever!
I am so excited to watch you continue to grow & love every minute of you being a 2 year old!

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babybeckhamsblog said...

Hi all! Sorry we haven't checked your blog lately. That was such a beautiful letter to Taren. It sounds like things are going well - sorry to read about the hernia surgery! Hopefully the recovery went smoothly.
Can't believe it has been 2 years!!!!