Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Surgeon Follow Appointment

Today was Taren's follow up appointment with his surgeon who placed his shunt. Besides waiting for over and hour at his appointment before anyone came into the room (which is impossible with a 1 yr old who wants to get down & move!!). His appointment went great. The MRI looked awesome!!! The shunt is looking perfect & he has healed great from surgery. His ventricles have actually gotten smaller which is not always the case, so his surgeon was very pleased about that. His surgeon is even more hopeful than before that Taren is in the 40% that does not become shut dependent, & will not need to come in in the future for shut malfunction surgery!!

Also, Last month when I went into Taren's routine Dr. appointment, the Dr. I saw there thought perhaps his frontal suture was beginning to close up to early causing a slight bump the runs down from his hair line to nose. When this is the case, surgery to correct this is often the case. We were prying that this was not the case for Taren. His surgeon took a look at his forehead & said that is is perfectly fine & does not require any surgery. It was not pre-closer but that it formed a slight ridge when it closed. He said Taren has a broad forehead so he thinks as he grows you will no longer notice it. (it is not very noticable now anyways) If at age 10 it is still noticeable they can do a cosmetic surgery to take the ridge away.. (no thank you!) :)

Thank you for everyone who was praying for this appointment. We are very happy to hear good news & that Taren is doing so well. He is our achiver!! We are continueing to pray that his shunt will not malfunction & that he will be in the 40% that never has to go back in for surgery!

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