Friday, April 10, 2009

1 years old!

I cannot believe it! My Baby is 1 years old today! Where has the time gone!!! I remember like it was yesterday finding out I was pregnant! As I dreamed about him during the months of pregnancy and what he would be like, none of them lived up to the amazing boy I have! He is so full of life & adventure! He is our little dare devil! Our curious George! Our thunder achiever! Our fighter!! I have no idea what our lives would be like without him. He brings so much joy & laughter to our day!
He is such a big boy now & doing a new thing everyday! We love watching him discover everything around him & the pure joy he gets from the simplest things like a spoon or a plastic lid. His laughter is contagious & we love to tickle him or do anything goofy to hear him laugh! His smile lights up his whole face & melts the hearts of everyone around! We cannot go out in public with him without being stopped every few minutes for someone to talk to him or coo about how cute he is. (of course he hams it up them!!)
Taren is now crawling around everywhere & fast! He is pulling himself to standing & cruising along furniture & toys. He loves his push / walker toy that he can walk around the house with. He is babbling non-stop. He loves to "tell" you everything that he is thinking or what has happened while you have been gone. :) He now loves to shake his head "no" at EVERYTHING, and finds himself so amusing! He loves bath time! When he hears the water start in the bath tub he is in there within seconds standing up on the side of the tub squealing with joy. He is eating everything in sight! You can no longer take a bite of anything without sharing with him. We never have to worry about waking him up for a meal, he is ALWAYS ready to eat & will loudly protest when you are late getting him in his highchair.
Our lives are busy chasing him & around getting him out of everything (the dog dish mainly). We love every minute of our day with him! Even late at night when he wakes up crying & we are so tired & frustrated that he is up AGAIN, we love seeing his smile when we walk into the room & love it that he curls up on our chest & falls asleep.
This has been an amazingly long yet fast year! We have gone through more ups & downs then we have our wholes lives, but everyday has been rewarding & we wouldn't trade him for anything. He has come so far & surpassed every Dr. expectation of him & we are so proud to share his story & what a miracle boy he is! We cannot thank God enough for the blessing he has given us!!

We love you Taren Hunter! Happy 1st Birthday!!
Love, Mommy & Daddy


livin life Lindz said...

yeay! what a precious blessing! his strength and resilience is such a testimony...glad to hear he crawls bible study group and I have been praying with you for him since day 1! sorry i am missing the party! I love you all!

Svetlana said...

Happy Birthday!!!
He is awesome ;-)