Tuesday, June 22, 2010

CA & Race

This last weekend Taren I went with my parents (Papa & Gram) to Petaluma CA. My parents had a race & my good friends live about 20 minutes from the race track. So Taren and I spent Thursday & Friday with my friends Tara & Nathan & then met my parents at the race on Saturday and headed home. Taren had so much fun with our friends 2 boys! He even got to go see a showing of toys story 3 (his first big screen movie!) at Nathan's work.
After Toys story 3, eating lunch

Taren had a great time at the race as well! Here are some pictures & also an awesome video of him when the cars came by.

A hauler driver of a cup race driver was parking his truck right next to us & saw Taren watching so he jumped out and gave Taren a team hat!

Taren watching the Cars come by

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