Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cutest Monkey Ever

This year Taren dressed up as a monkey to go out trick or treating. He was such a big boy, having just learned to walk he insisted on walking up to each door on his own. He not only had to walk on his own, but he insisted on picking his own candy. :) He is our independent boy!

( cute curly tail & banana in his pocket)

Here are some more fun fall pictures...

Pumpkin patch fun

Helping Daddy clean out the pumpkin

He decided to stick his foot in there too... goofy boy!

Helping "carve" the pumpkin, he wanted to stick his toy in the mouth

Finished product, Taren gave him a pipe. :)

Playing in the leaves with Papa & Gram & his cousins.

He is getting so big!!!

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he is the cutest monkey ever!!