Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Proud of Daddy!!

For those of you who do not follow hunting, Bow season opened this last Saturday. Joseph is a faithful bow hunter & loves to get out as often as possible during season. Since Joseph & I have been together (6 plus years), he has not had much luck at getting anything. However, day after opening day I get a picture text from Joseph who was out for the weekend hunting.

(Text read: we will not have to buy meat for a long time!)
Amazing! 2nd day of season & he gets a NICE size elk! Not something that has ever happened for him! He said it was the perfect set up, straight out of a movie where you can't believe it is happening. Everything was perfect. After 6 hours of packing his elk out Joseph came home sore & exhausted, but on cloud nine.
(Packing the elk rack out.)
We are so proud of him! This is a very exciting event for our family! Lots of celebrating & congratulations all around.
(Taren helped make a "good job daddy"sign)
I would love to be able to say that I am so thankful he got something the 2nd day of hunting season, since I was not prepared for him to be gone every weekend. However, I am not so lucky as to be able to say that. :) He will still be going out with his guys to call for them & just be out in the woods like he loves. Plus he says he still has his deer tag, bird tag & bear tags that he can use.. :)


Svetlana said...

That is awesome ;-)

Angela Watts said...

Wow! He got that with a bow and arrow! Way to go!