Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wow! I had no idea how long it had been since I last posted a blog! I am so sorry to all of you who love following Taren's life. Time has gotten away from me & now I am 2 months down the road shocked that time went by so fast.
Where to even begin. Taren has grown & changed so much over the last 2 months. Everyday he is learning something new & exciting. Joseph & I love to watch him discover new things! We could not be any prouder as parents.

New things in Taren's life & New adventures we have had.
* He is getting closer to walking everyday. He is taking more and more steps by himself. He is occasionally walking with me holding onto only one hand.
* He loves his bath time! He will spend an hour in there every evening before bed if we let him! He loves to splash & play with his toys. He is starting to dunk his head under the water & then come up laughing thinking himself hysterical.

* Swim Lessons! We signed Taren up for parent & me swim class this summer. He had a blast! On Tuesday nights he swam with mommy & on Thursday night he swam with daddy. He loves being in the water, especially during the songs where he gets thrown up into the air & then dunked.

* Wednesday mornings we go to story time at the library. He enjoys playing with the other kids, singing to the songs & listening to the stories. Most of all he loves to climb up & down the 3 steps they have in the room ( that is my boy! always on the move!)

* Taren loves to clap his hands & wave good bye.
* He has discovered talking on the phone. Anytime that Joseph or myself are talking on the phone he comes over & takes it out of our hands. He gets very excited to hear the person on the other end talk.
* 1st camping trip!! YAY! We took Taren on his 1st camping trip this month. He loved it! He loved being outside & exploring everything! Loved going down to the river to swim. Even enjoyed crawling in & out of the tent.

* Zirberts! (where you blow on someones belly & it makes noise) Yep, he has learned how to blow zirberts & loves to do it! any exposed skin is now fair game. He loves to come over while we are sitting on the couch in our shorts & give zirberts on our legs. Very cute! but a lot of slober to clean up after :)
* Finally July 14th, Taren got his 1st tooth!! We are so excited! He has been working for months trying to break the tooth through & he finally did! I must say, I have become obessed with how cute his tooth is & love to see it!! ( I know proud mommy)
* NASCAR! Taren went to his first race! He is defiantly my dad's grandson! The noise of the race (we were right next to the track) didn't faze him at all. He loved standing at the fence & watching the cars & everyone he got to meet.

* Beach time! This last weekend we took Taren to the beach with my family & stayed for the weekend. He loved every minute of it! Loved running towards the water with daddy, loved hiking along the point during low tide & loved every minute of playing in the sand! Most of all he loved all the attention he got! He had his 2 cousins to play with all day long & had his grandparents to love & spoil him.

Words Taren is now saying: mommy, Daddy, dog, & just started saying done.

Thanks for being pacient with me & my lack of time & self disapline with keeping up on blogs. I am going to attempt to be better, but making no promises :)

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